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Re: [APD] Science

Terry S. wrote:
> So,,,rather then argue that Tom's theory can't be right, how about employing
> the scientific method yourself?  Replicate his experiments, sample the gas,
> and have it tested.  I'm sure everyone would be interested in the
> experimental results, and it's even on-topic :-)

I'm want to replicate, but I don't know what I'm replicating. I don't 
know what the conditions of the control tank were, nor of the 
experimental tank for that matter. The *only* thing I know is that I 
should put some source of small bubbles directly in front of a strong 
water current.

I will make a detailed proposal for testing to submit to the group so 
that there can be agreement ahead of time. I know it's tedious, but if I 
go through all the trouble of conducting a well-designed experiment, I 
want as much feedback as possible, and I want it to satisfy the most 
people possible.

Jerry Baker
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