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Re: [APD] Sscience

Vaughn Hopkins wrote:
> There are many things we could discuss here, or argue about here, but 
> it just isn't appropriate.  This is an aquatic plant discussion list, 
> not a general discussion list.  I have no problem with off topic things 
> being discussed occasionally, but when those discussions go on and on 
> and on I do object.  Surely we all know that we could debate things 
> like religion, politics, PETA, abortion, Iraq, etc. forever, but it 
> just isn't appropriate to do so here.  There are many blogs, for 
> example, where such discussions are appropriate.  Please, let's not 
> destroy this group.

I agree. However, I object to the idea that I should not relate a 
personal experience if it might be troublesome to others. It was 
relevant to the discussion, but not to the group topic.

You will notice that these discussions always seem to get out of hand 
when people get totally frustrated by something that is directly 
on-topic. I pointed out that Tom's theory about the persistence of CO2 
contradicts some well known physical laws. Several people have then 
attempted (and quite successfully) to derail the discussion by having it 
devolve into a debate about what science is. It's a classic straw man 
and I am guilty of being sucked in. I will not participate in any 
further discussion that is not directly related to the initial discussion.

Jerry Baker
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