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Re: [APD] Science

Okay I did make the discovery so I dont know the tech behind it. But it seems to me that plants overall take in co2 better in gas form. perhaps the evolution of aquatic plants hasnt completely edited out the use of carbon as a gas, in fact that it's still very strong in them? I dont know for sure. But thats what I have noticed and some experimentation they are doing at the USDA seems to show the same above water. Isolating plants and having a few groups on different types of carbon in two groups gas and otherwise. but anyway... yeah... Thats what I figure is probably doing it. having so much gas passing by is allowing the plant to take it up as if it were emerged, or at least closer to it. but i could be wrong. i think i read that plants get considerably less concentratrion of co2 in the surrounding air outside than we put into the water and I have plants in the gardent hat make my tank look sad, and some tank plants we raise are weeds so...
again i could be wrong

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After following some interesting (and not so interesting)
debates/discussions around the following subjects:

- H2O being water (or not)
- Pianos hanging suspended over heads
- Gravity working the same everywhere (or not)
- Einstein's General Relativity
- Newtonian physics
- 30.0000002 mg/L of CO2 vs 30.0000000 mg/L of CO2
- Doc Martins and their emplacement
- Manure as a substrate
- The behavior of the universe
- Science in the US (or the lack thereof)
- Hostility (or not) to public manifestations of religious belief
- Intelligent Design fiasco (or not)

I'm still curious as to why there is an apparent increase in growth (and
perhaps pearling) with Tom's experiment.  I haven't tried it because I
really really don't want to have a cloud of bubbles blowing all over my
tank.  Plus the fact that I really really don't need to grow my plants any
faster; they're doing just fine thank you.

But I'm still curious!

One of the best ideas that somehow got sidetracked in the fascinating
subjects discussed above was to take a sample of the bubbles and have them
analyzed. Anybody followed up on it?


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