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Re: [APD] Science

Isnt Gravity one of the "frontiers" of science we still know basically, very little about? I havent kept up on it, but I rememebr seeing something about it being one of the big unexplored frontiers of science. i think at the time very little reserach or discovery had benn conducted or made.
Just wondering

Gravity does what gravity does and you're right - what it does isn't  
going to change. BUT the 'laws of gravity' aren't sacrosanct and  
gravity does not follow them. Those laws express our understanding of  
how gravity acts and that understanding has changed over time. Newton  
is fine but wasn't perfect , Einstein added to our understanding and  
showed that Newton's view wasn't complete or fully accurate, and  
there's been a bit more learnt since then. No scientist would claim  
we've heard the last word on gravity and I'd also say it's a pretty  
good bet that something we currently believe about it, and regard as  
a 'fact' or a 'law' will turn out to be not quite right. When that  
happens, something in the 'laws' pertaining to gravity will change  
but gravity won't, and gravity will continue to be as reliable as  
it's always been while the 'laws' will be a little more reliable but  
still not guaranteed.

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