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Re: [APD] Science

Laser wrote:
> New scientific theories are replacing older obsolete theories all the time.
> I would imagine computer processing power is giving us the ability to do
> this. At the very least we are able to refine or better understand the
> precise workings of prior theories.

This is exactly true. This does not mean that everything is wrong and 
will be changed in the future. Some things are already correct.

> Never say never. The effects of gravity are clear but exactly where gravity
> originates from is still a contentious issue.

Where gravity comes from is of no consequence in predicting its 
behavior. We already know how to predict its effects, and in this 
respect its origins are of no value.
> See above, IMHO nothing is final, are you saying that there is nothing left
> to be discovered or revised or re-invented?

There appears to be a fundamental disconnect here. Saying that some 
things are final is not saying everything is final. To say otherwise is 
an equivocation.

>> That has been my point all along. I have repeatedly and exasperatingly
>> made numerous requests for more details about his experiments and he
>> refuses to divulge them. There is no way to analyze observations that
>> are kept secret.
> But you certainly have not asked in a pleasant way at all. You were
> downright rude and *your* knee-jerk reaction to the whole thing is what left
> a bad taste in my mouth. I've been here for a number of years now and Tom as
> well as others on this list have been a great inspiration to me, his methods
> certainly do work and he's not shy to repeat himself time and again until
> 'it sinks in'. All you have done is shun the new findings and attack them.
> Hence my wanting to insert certain items into certain persons ass. Bad
> taste, apologies to you and the list members.

I don't know how many times I am going to have to say this before people 
listen: I am not questioning whether Tom is seeing the results he claims 
to see. I am not challenging his results. I am challenging the 
explanation. Of course I shun the theory, it contradicts what is already 
known about the world - knowledge gained by persons much smarter than 
myself, you, or Tom.

I genuinely feel bad for you that your emotions are so closely tied to 
the means with which you acquire knowledge. I too have a short temper, 
but not so much in conversation.

Jerry Baker
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