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Re: [APD] Science

>Rachel Sandage wrote:
>> No, there are millions of definitive facts. If you drop an apple, it 
>>will fall.

From: urville <urville at peoplepc_com>
>I would call that a theory.

...and you would be wrong (it's a circular definition, and therefore a
logical fallacy), since in this usage, falling is part of the definition of

"Drop: v.tr. To let fall by releasing hold of"

On "theories" in general, a theory is by definition the best current science
can do to explain a phenomenon.  Science answers the "how", "when", "where"
of a subject.  Those are the facts, derived through observation.  Theories
are the "how", and are not considered definitive, but the best explanation
given the current available facts.  For some reason, there are a lot of
people that believe that if it's a theory, its somehow less valuable or
significantly unreliable.  It seems that are confusing theory with
hypothesis, or are trying to muddy the waters with the philosophical concept
of truth.  Mixing disciplines if you will, either willfully or through

<snip lots more mixing of disciplines...>

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