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Re: [APD] Sscience

Urville said, >> i'd say 85% of science if not more is theory.>>

And Jerry B. answered:  >>And what do you base that calculation on? That
sounds very suspiciously like something picked up from an evangelical Bible
class or something.>>

Jerry, this is exactly the kind of ad hominem attack that you use all too
frequently.   It is the antithesis of scientific discusssion.  If you are
trying to make a point, that stuff gets in the way of it, but if you just
want attention, it is effective, at least for a while.  But it gets tiring.

Also, disparaging remarks like yours about ANY religion
do not belong on this list.  Why?  Try substituting "Jewish Penteuch" or
"Muslim Koran" or "Mormon Book of Mormon" for "evangelical Bible" and see
how that sounds.


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