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Re: [APD] Science

After following some interesting (and not so interesting)
debates/discussions around the following subjects:

- H2O being water (or not)
- Pianos hanging suspended over heads
- Gravity working the same everywhere (or not)
- Einstein's General Relativity
- Newtonian physics
- 30.0000002 mg/L of CO2 vs 30.0000000 mg/L of CO2
- Doc Martins and their emplacement
- Manure as a substrate
- The behavior of the universe
- Science in the US (or the lack thereof)
- Hostility (or not) to public manifestations of religious belief
- Intelligent Design fiasco (or not)

I'm still curious as to why there is an apparent increase in growth (and
perhaps pearling) with Tom's experiment.  I haven't tried it because I
really really don't want to have a cloud of bubbles blowing all over my
tank.  Plus the fact that I really really don't need to grow my plants any
faster; they're doing just fine thank you.

But I'm still curious!

One of the best ideas that somehow got sidetracked in the fascinating
subjects discussed above was to take a sample of the bubbles and have them
analyzed. Anybody followed up on it?


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