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Re: [APD] Science

Every time any mentioning of anything technical is uttered, it
degrades into accusations of people flexing their brain muscles.  It
boggles my mind to think how ANYONE can think that.  How about this
more positive alternative: by discussing the technical aspects of the
hobby, we can discover innovative new findings to help the hobby grow.

Let's think a little more highly of our fellow hobbyists shall we?  Be
glad and appreciative that there are "capable" people who are in
positions to help this hobby grow.  Outside the APD, there are VERY
few places where technical discussions are tolerated.  And it saddens
me to see members of this list being accused of making this hobby

Most of the technical discussions are beyond my comprehension but
rarely do I see those who partake in them do it to see who is smarter.
There has always been a point and a common goal: to further this
hobby.  If anyone disagrees, then speak up and point me to an example
that hints otherwise.  Until then, please give your fellow hobbyists
the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe you'll learn something new.

I wish I have something to contribute to the hobby but I'm just not
that smart in the arena.

Derek "Resisting the temptations to bite the hands that feed him"

P.S.  Please stop denigrating those who employ technical jargon as
eggheads and loners.  It's incredibly insulting.

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