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Re: [APD] no duplicate posts anymore, but...

Jerry Baker wrote:

>william ruyle wrote:
>>I forwarded it to you, Scott. It came in with this last batch.
>>Maybe I should go back to Lookout Express for awhile, see
>>if it happens there.  Bill
>I have seen a corrupted mbox file cause this, but it's exceedingly rare. 
>If you still see this problem, let me know. I know Thunderbird inside 
>and out.
>The plus side to my being an expert at picking out flaws in everything 
>is that I make for good QA. I think I am up to 400+ bugs filed on the 
>Firefox/Thunderbird product line since I started in 1998.
Thanks, Jerry, if this persists to a more irritating level, I'll take 
your offer. I do like
T-Bird better than any others I've used.

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