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Re: [APD] Science

i'm not hostile toward science. I can see how it would seem that way.

I'm all for science. I enjoy lightbulbs everyday among hundreds if not 
thousands of other discoveries like the computer by far one of my 
favorites. What I'm trying to get across is that anyone who stands on a 
box, you know who you are and there are several of you, and says this is 
the "enter name" law or make any innuendo of said theory being fact, is 
making a somewhat asinine comment. because to call anything scientific a 
law or claim it to be a definitive fact is ridiculous.

Science is ever changing, therefore it's only a matter of time until 
it's changed or disproven for some other set of complex happenings or 
what have you, on and on, situation dependant. Physics is a perfect 
example. Theres always some LAW, that down the line is completely 
changed. This isnt possible, enter quantum physics, oh maybe it is... 
etc. And the danger is that if you listen and worship at the current 
shrine to long you start saying such historic phrases as "The sound 
barrier will never be broken it's an impossible feat" The atom is the 
absolute smallest, oh crap i cut one open whats this mess of stuff. Oh I 
cut that open whats this mess of stuff. The genome is too complex to 
decode.Cloning is impossible. Man will never fly, on and on.

So to clarify i love science. but science should be the epitome of 
openmindedness, is that a word? because some guy is gonna come along and 
lo and behold what you thought is true but is not by far the extent or a 
barrier, and possibly (usually) it doesnt happen for the reasons you 
thought or learned was the "truth". I had a professor who use to say 
that anyone who reads new science theorys in journals and goes around 
touting them is intelligent enough to understand but lacks  basic common 
sense. Because many times these things turn out to be complete garbage, 
and when not, they are inevitably replaced with new thought.

and thats what i see here all the time. Intelligent people bragging 
about using big words. and thats great. but intelligence isnt everything 
and book smarts counts for nothing if you have no common sense. and i 
suppose in what is only my opinion, common sense would show that this is 
hardly the end of the story. Science is the story with no end, and the 
next time you pick it up its very likely to be a different story 
altogether. So why place yourself in that stance. to me it makes no sense.

it all ties in for me. even the grammer and correct english composition 
fights. i had a math teacher who couldnt dress himself, but he could do 
problems in his head that scared me. they still do. you could see him in 
the worng context and label him an idiot and how wrong you would be. 
maybe a bad analogy but i only had maybe 30 seconds. not that i'm that 
smart... hardly... but i can look st something and say real life 
experience has taught me, and believe it or not much science comes from 
men with just such vision, not degrees. but thats no steadfast rule either.

i hope that clarifys. but i doubt it hehehe. probably caused more muck.

Tom Wood wrote:

>"Science, hah alot of Science <AHEM not all... i dont think...>  is nothing 
>more than a synonym for theory. and theroy is a guess just waiting to be 
>disproved by some other theory and on and on."
>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theory : "In scientific usage, theory is not 
>the opposite of fact. Theories are typically ways of explaining why things 
>happen, usually after the fact that they happen is no longer in scientific 
>I don't understand why the US is becoming so hostile toward science.
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