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Kellen Harris said,
Hey, I like the halide pendants you have. You mention on your site that the
expensive metal halide bulbs were $90 but you go the cheaper ones at Home
Depot...you were talking about just the bulb and not the pendant too, right?
I looked them up online and found the pendant and bulb at marineandreef.com
for $244 a piece. Luckily I only want one, yikes! Do you think this a good
Hi Kellen and all,
Its sort of an old website.  Those pendants are about 7 years old and still
working OK.  A lot of heat collects at the top of them and the wiring dried
out once and I needed to rewire them.  Otherwise they work OK.  They are 175
Watts each.  I think I got them from Champion Lighting when they were only a
lighting store.  I think they were about $200 each but included a $50 bulb.
They only carry bulbs now.

By necessity I have had to economize so I have them at either end of a 6
foot long 125 gallon tank.  At the center I have a 95 Watt 5500K compact
flourescent 3 foot long bulb from AHS.  The AHS light kits are very nice.
The 95 Watt bulb is about 4 inches off of the water, and the halides are
about 20 inches off off the water to equalise the light intensity.  No cover
glass on this aquarium. Overall I would consider it about a 1.5 Watt per
gallon tank considering the heights of the bulbs.

If I could afford it I would probably replace the two pendants with one more
3 foot long 95 Watt bulb kit from AHS.  However, the pedants are often
considered for esthetic reasons.  I think Tom Barr has better information on
other types of pentants for metal halides.

The MH bulbs I used to order where mid priced at about $50-$60 dollars each
but of questionable quality.  Their color was controlled by a tan blob of
something put on the filiment case and no bulb ever matched another in
color.  Plus they only worked for about 8-9 months, or never worked at all
after I put them in safe keeping for a year and couldn't return them.  I
think right know the AHS kits are the best value.  The MH bulbs from Home
depot are quite yellow but I have gotten to the point of not noticing it but
I have the tank in a sun room with a lot of windows.  These bulbs must be 4
years old and are still like new.  They were about $22 a piece back then and
meant for street lamps.

I hope this helps.   I try to keep everything simple now and all my tanks I
now consider low tech.

Steve Pituch

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