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[APD] Steve Pituch's website

Hey Steve,
Nice web site, thanks for sharing! Hey, I like the halide pendants you have. You mention on your site that the expensive metal halide bulbs were $90 but you go the cheaper ones at Home Depot...you were talking about just the bulb and not the pendant
too, right? I looked them up online and found the pendant and bulb at marineandreef.com for $244 a piece. Luckily I only want one, yikes! Do you think this a good price?

Thanks so much!
Kelleen Harris

>  Hi all,
> Yes, sorry, I forgot the links:
> See:
> http://users.ev1.net/~spituch/Steve's%20Page/Aquarium/hardware/Stand/ 
> stand1.> html
> Or just start at:
> http://users.ev1.net/~spituch/
> Regards,
> Steve Pituch

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