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Re: [APD] US is Anti Science?

"Have you been watching the "Intelligent Design" fiasco at all? "

I have been reading about it, yes.  I don't see any "fiasco" (an emotional,
argumentative word) but a legal debate over several issues.  Personally, I
don't see a problem with including a sidebar in the textbooks that say
something like " . . . others have a different view of creation, even though
evolution is the generally accepted scientific theory."

"How about banning research that conflicts with the current administration's
ideology? "

Nazi Germany was able to conduct a lot of "research" on Jews in
concentration camps because there was no opposition ideology to counteract
it.  Also, many people not in this administration object to cloning people,
stem cell research, and similar research, on ethical grounds.  I don't think
it's a political thing, and introducing that idea invites an
non-intellectual response, or a turn-off..

" . . . having energy industry lobbyists doctor scientific
reports to remove, or discount any mention of global warming."

The issue in the global warming debate is, or should be, how much of it
comes from human activity and how much from natural cycles.  This view
doesn't get much attention from the "global warming" industry.  Are they
anti-science?   ("Doctor" invites argument, not reasoned discussion.")

"Requiring that the government, or agents of the government, not engage in
religious activities while engaging in official activities is not forcing a
view on anybody"

Does that mean that the President, who is 24/7, can't go to church?  Or a
Muslim FBI agent can't pray 4 times a day?  You may have a point, but you
need to sharpen it up a little.

"Saying science doesn't explain everything is like saying that detective
work doesn't solve every crime. It sure doesn't, but that doesn't mean there
is some other explanation outside of the realm of science."

Of course not, but it doesn't mean that there isn't, either.  That is my
point, Jerry.

I think your arguments would be stronger if you eliminated  appeals to
emotion and argument, as well as the occasional ad hominem attack that
sneaks in every now and then.


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