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Re: [APD] duplicate posts duplicate posts

Amazing, yes, your face is very red and sweaty.  Is that what you were 
referring to?  Macs even make meals taste better.
Vaughn H.

On Tuesday, November 1, 2005, at 08:27 AM, william ruyle wrote:

> Vaughn, thanks for giving us pc users a tiny glimpse into the
> world-of-Mac. I just have a
> plain old red "X" in my Thunderbird program. :-(  But happily, it does
> much the
> same thing! It certainly has changed my world...got a little question
> and I want you to
> be brutally honest: is my face shinier, glowing? I feel like I just
> walked down from
> Mt Sinai.... :-)
> Thanks for sharing, and I'm sure Macs are not near as wonderful as 
> their
> owners 8-)
> Bill

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