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Re: [APD] OFF TOPIC Low tech or high tech?

S. Hieber wrote:
> Well, for quite a few years now, APD goes off the deep end
> or runs off the page now and then and an occasional barroom
> brawl erupts. What's amazing is how APD can make these
> recurrences seem fresh and new each time ;-)

But it is so new .. each and every time. The novelty never wears off.

> In the past the really nasty stuff evaporated quickly, or
> just got sucked out of existence by everyone's gasps. It's
> amazing how verbal violence can make everyone move to the
> other side of the room, so to speak. I was once told, on
> APD and in the most impolite turn of phrase, that I could
> not see daylight.

You know the phrase, "I'd lose my head if it weren't attached"? Perhaps 
that person mistakenly believed you had done just that and was 
attempting to be helpful and inform where exactly your head was located.

> But on the whole its a fun, dynamic group, with overlapping
> if not common interests -- and lots of folks that like to
> help each other.

Very true. I even remember you from back in '02 when I was very new to 
the plant hobby. Seems so long in some ways, and so very short in others.

Jerry Baker
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