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Re: [APD] OFF TOPIC Low tech or high tech?

Robert H wrote:
>>>No offense to the poster, but does Outlook default to quoting text in
> such a way that it is impossible to tell where the quote ends and the
> reply begins?<<
> Common Jerry, you are just taking a poke at this guy and you know it.

Actually I was just asking someone who was using Outlook and whose quote 
did not have the customary quote markers. Should I have asked somebody 
who wasn't using Outlook?

> Is it 
> really needed? Just because he didn't use the >> around the quote? Is it the 
> end of the world?

No, but it makes reading replies difficult. I'm sorry if I implied it 
was the end of the world. I didn't mean to frighten you.

>   Here is a guy asking a question, a rather straight 
> forward one that no one is answering seriously, and you make a poke at him. 
> Is that making him feel welcome?

Oh come off it man! There are people posting in here about putting their 
cheap fashion shoes in my ass, and you are saying asking if Outlook's 
default is to quote without marks is an attack???? Can I have some of 
your stash?

    Someone asked a few issues ago why this
> list has declined so much. This is an example. There has always been a 
> certain core people here that are very analytical and intellectual and will 
> talk for hours about the measurement of a C02 bubble and the laws of 
> physics.

Ahhh...the *real* reason you are upset. I believe this belongs in the 
other thread.

Jerry Baker
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