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[APD] Stands

Hi all,
Just a note on stands.  When I bought my 125 All Glass tank, I got the best
prices in South Texas, and then went to my local small pet shop here in
Corpus Christi, and they were extremely helpful.  They matched the best
price I got and garranteed that the tank would be free of scratches, or they
would send it back to the Houston distributor and get another one.  They
never asked that I buy the matching stand.  Before that I even got a very
"reputable" (and well known) vendor in Houston tell me that the All Glass
tank I wanted was no longer made and that I would have to buy some other
off-Oceanic version of it.  When I talked to All Glass they said the vendor
was lying to me and that the distributor in Houston had 5 in stock.

So it may pay to buy it from a mom and pop pet shop instead of the bigger

As far as a stand, I am not that great a cabinet maker, but I can cut a
piece of wood reasonably straight.  The two stands I made are definitely
better looking  than the comparable commercial (All Glass/Oceanic) cabinets
I have seen.  They're made mostly of cut down 2x6s from HomeDepot.  I does
not matter so much the cost or type of wood as it is what you do with the
wood.  I would consider a commercial version of my 125 gallon stand to be
worth about $600, and it cost me about $90 I think.  It is much stronger and
straighter than the commercial stands I have owned.

I have  some picture here:

The 125 gallon stand looks much better with the gloss varnish on in, sort of
like the 20 gallon stand shown.  Thy are definitely keepers.

Steve Pituch

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