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Re: [APD] stands

Hi John,
I'm a Sacramento Aquatic Plant Gardener too.  Your post just proves 
what I always suspected - you can't quit cold turkey on keeping an 
aquarium - you can only ignore the desire for so long.  I managed to go 
for over fifteen  years without giving in, but eventually my resistance 
just collapsed.   Now, I am but a few days from setting up a new 29 
gallon tank at a condo we will be moving into next week.

Vaughn H.

On Tuesday, November 1, 2005, at 07:00 AM, John F. Hess wrote:

> Hi folks,
> new subscriber catching the posts on stands.  I agree with most of
> what's been said and here's my story.
> over 20 years ago, I worked at Capitol Aquarium in Sacramento and had
> several tanks on pine ugly stands.  Since moving fish tanks was not a
> great bunch of fun, I gradually got rid of all my tanks during my
> undergraduate days.  About 3 years ago, I saw the first Amano book and
> wanted to get a tank, but was not rushing in since all the stands were
> still cheap and/or ugly.  The solution was to have a stand made by the
> same guy who has made some furniture for our house.  The stand is maple
> finished mdf with walnut accents.  My wife an I think it's very nice
> and certainly goes with the rest of the stuff we have had him build.
> Cost was about $800, $500 plus a bike in trade.
> I just bought a new tank in Sac at O St. aquarium, along with Fluval
> filter, heater, sand, gravel and lights.  I am waiting for them to get
> back to me about a hood options.  I may have to ask my cabinet maker to
> make a hood.  CO2 injection system was ordered on line.  Maybe I'll
> start adding water this month?
> cheers,
> John F. Hess, Davis California   johnfhess at comcast_net
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