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Re: [APD] Low tech or high tech?

Robert said, in part,

" . . . I do not know if there are still any hobbyists active here who use
soil based substrates or not. If you do not get a response and would like to
find other people who share this interest, I suggest you check out the forum
Diana Walstad moderates. "

I use soil based substrates and have had good luck with them.  One has been
in operation for over 18 months and is still going strong; another for over
a year.  The latter needs a little nitrate every now and then; the other one
is self-sufficient.

In my experience it seems that all are soil-based aquariums are different.

I think the natural aquarium forum that Ms. Walstad monitors at Aquabotanic
gets more posts than any of the  other forums there.


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