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Re: [APD] CO2 mist

Yours is one of several glowing testimonials of Tom's new CO2 method. 
And you betcha, I'm
going to try it and if I have the same results perhaps it should be: 
"flies *on* the face of known
scientific principles":-)   Bill

urville wrote:

>I heartily mean no offense to anyone personnally. this is just a fav pet 
>peeve of mine on any level.
>Ah and the world was flat and the sun revolved around the earth and the 
>atom was the smallest.
>Science, hah
>alot of Science <AHEM not all... i dont think...>  is nothing more than 
>a synonym for theory. and theroy is a guess just waiting to be disproved 
>by some other theory and on and on.
>you know guys theres alot of holier than thou or rather elitist 
>attitudes. I dont think anyone is guilt free on that around here.
>the fact is if it works, then i'm happy and thats gonna be most people. 
>i dont know about you but i dont have a grant from a science foundation 
>nor the time to write lengthy science journal articles, i think it's 
>called a hobby? anyway, it works and if it comes to bitter rivalry 
>rather than actual discussion (the difference being the national academy 
>of annoyances level of annoyance rating), then frankly professor i dont 
>care. does it work? check one yes, check two no..
>these comments are not directed at mr. baker in paticular as i rather 
>agree with him often. if thy shoe fit, thou must wear it.
>just a nickel in a 2 cent war. hey, replying with passive aggressives 
>tones always looks like fun to me and since i figure the truly self 
>determined intelligent people partake who am i to question it?
>>>>flies in the face of known scientific principles. 
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