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Re: [APD] Goldfish, etc.

> If a dog is properly trained, it knows better than to try to depose the
>leader... it becomes happy where it is. People who have badly behaved dogs
>are often simply allowing the dog to 'rule the roost'. And any dog of mine
>that tried to growl at me and bite me when I took something off it would
>learn that I am in charge, and not it... (without being violent or cruel,
>just being firm BTW)

>Andrew McLeod
>thefish at theabyssalplain_freeserve.co.uk


You took the words out of my mouth Andrew....grrrrr...
I have never had a dog that did'nt learn quickly not to challenge me in any
regard, particularly as it concerns food or items that may be in the dogs
mouth. Chas.

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