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[APD] Low tech or high tech?

Mr Booth asked

1) Cost?  More costly implies more or fancier equipment which some folks
regard as high-tech.

2) Time frame of your practices?  If you are doing aquariums based on a
1960s book, it might be regarded as low tech.  If you use EI it might be

3) Amount of your energy input?  Automatic water changers might be
high-tech. Siphon-and-bucket might be low-tech. Water barrel next to the
aquarium for aging tap water with a pump might be high-tech.

4) Fertilization methods?  Adding "chemicals" instead of commercial
products might be high tech.

6) Lighting?  5 wpg might be high-tech. 2 wpg might be low-tech. Aquarium
under a sky light in the ceiling might be high-tech. Aquarium next to a
window might be low-tech.

5) Application of science?  Trial and error might be low-tech. Applying a
PhD in aquaculture might be high-tech.

OK, you have scored your points.  I will ask my question more clearly.  I am
indifferent to points 1, 2, 3 and 6.

Are there people here who like to grow plants in soil and water that
approximate their natural habitat, instead of using specialist plant media?
Are there people here who who like to grow plants relying on the soil and
mulm without adding nutrients to the water?



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