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Re: [APD] Painted tank stand

Honduras mahogany is very easy to work with, and the plywood with that 
veneer is not terribly expensive - about double that for birch plywood. 
  It is beautiful with no stain at all, but just a shellac sealer coat 
followed by polyurethane.  The open grain is much less open than oak, 
for example, and the color is both subtle and beautiful.  I did a 
computer work station for installation in a closet using that wood and 
it was spectacular!  Otherwise, I agree with you.
Vaughn H.

On Monday, October 31, 2005, at 09:33 AM, S. Hieber wrote:

> Good wood is so very expensive. And doing it justice with a
> quality finish makes it even more so. The stands you see
> commercially available, even the nicer stuff that comes
> from Oceanic, is mass produced stuff.
> Mahogany might not work well, do to the large grain size,
> unless a grain filler ws used, which again is a lot of work
> and more money.
> Cherry works very well; although it can be a pita to stain
> well. Costs a lot more than pine or fir or poplar.
> Poplar can make a nice piece of firniture if you are going
> to paint it. It works realtively easily and takes paint
> very well. Not nearly attractive enough to stain and coat
> with a clear finish.
> sh

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