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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 26, Issue 76

On 10/31/05, Jorge Quintana <jorgequintana at gmail_com> wrote:
> >
> Or, the dog knows that if he can show up for appointments, the next thing
> you know, he'll be expected to hold down a job, pay the bills, etc.
> All these philosophical discussions show is the bias of the speaker.

 I don't even know how most people think. I sure as heck don't believe
people know what animals think. I know what a bunch of *people* think the
animals think.
 My undergrad and grad minors were in naval lint discussion, err, I mean
philosophy. Imagining what the brevis in my tank are saying to each other is
much more fun, and probably as useful, and no more fictional.
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