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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 26, Issue 76

> Alan Walker wrote:
> > However, when I say "Bo, let's go for a walk after breakfast tomorrow",
> the
> > required co-ordination of future actions is beyond him. He doesn't show
> up
> > for the appointment.
> Or, the dog knows that if he can show up for appointments, the next thing
you know, he'll be expected to hold down a job, pay the bills, etc.
All these philosophical discussions show is the bias of the speaker. For
altruism, check out what vampire bats do. For communication, just check out
what most primates can do. The difference in mammals is only shades of
difference, not entirely abilities. And, the baby doesn't talk because it's
voice box hasn't descended far enough for it to be used to make the variety
of sounds needed. It's the same position it's found in chimps. Lower their
voice box and a chimp could probably "speak". I have enjoyed the discussion
though. Much easier to grasp than most matters aquatic...

Happy Halloween everyone...
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