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Re: [APD] Goldfish, etc

Alan Walker wrote:
> However, when I say "Bo, let's go for a walk after breakfast tomorrow", the
> required co-ordination of future actions is beyond him.  He doesn't show up
> for the appointment.

Time is a very interesting subject if you are a nerd, and especially if 
you like physics. Being that time is an actual physical thing, it is 
entirely possible for other being to perceive it entirely differently 
than we. Hawking has done a little speculating that it is entirely 
possible that time travels backwards (in our thought process), and we 
all know of future events, but as soon as an event happens we lose all 
knowledge of it. That would make it appear to us as though we know the 
past and cannot predict the future.

How other animals perceive time, and their relationship to it, is also 
an interesting subject. I do not know if dogs have a concept of past, 
present, and future. Even if they do, I do not know to what extent they 
can plan. Perhaps they plan very well, but do not share our sense of 
time. Maybe he cannot understand why you are always missing the 
appointments he sets for you :)

Jerry Baker
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