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Re: [APD] Painted tank stand

Solid mahogany comes in wide boards that are stable in terms of warpage, if 
cured properly. The open grain is a nice feature of the wood, IMO, that 
adds character to an otherwise plain grain. I've seen some teak veneer 
furniture w/solid edging that can look good if the color and grain is 
properly matched. Yeah, staining cherry is redundant. I don't think many 
people have seen properly finished natural cherry. Most of what is sold as 
cherry is stained sandalwood.

I had a woodworking biz for a while, but gave up on it because people won't 
pay for the real thing. Heck, many don't even recognize it. A relative 
'oiled' his formica woodgrain coffee table once, and didn't believe me when 
I pointed out the absurdity. It was real wood to him.


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