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Re: [APD] Philosophy and Plants

Well, I knew the Ordinary Language Philosphers would get in
on the discussion sooner or late. G.E. Moore is smiling
today ;-)


--- Thomas Barr <tcbiii at yahoo_com> wrote:

> Which is why if you ask a philosopher the meaning of
> life, you
> will get several books and no answer.
> Ask a biologist, the answer is simple: eat/grow,
> reproduce and
> die. Now you know the meaning of life. 
> I find it rather peculilar that folks make a big hooping
> deal
> over critters and ethics yet no one addresses the plants
> in the
> same terms.
> Vegetarian plant murders. If you want to follow logic
> and ethics, I think it's wise to apply a general set of
> rules to
> all forms of life and give it equal respect. 
> Even a philosopher will tell you this.
> Example: Thou shalt not use algicides.

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