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Re: [APD] Painted tank stand

Vaughn Hopkins wrote:
> Another attractive wood is birch, and it is relatively cheap.  It can 
> be stained if you don't like really light colored wood.  Birch is also 
> readily available and very strong.  If you are really hurting for cash, 
> poplar is another usable  hardwood, but not nearly as attractive as 
> birch.  Poplar is available at all of the Home Depots near me.

I wouldn't use Home Depot wood to build a dog house. At every Home Depot 
here the wood is crooked, wet, cracked, knotted, torn, and otherwise 
substandard. I was disappointed when this stand was delivered and they 
had obviously used Home Depot wood to make it. A lot of wood putty later 
I have a relatively smooth finish in most places.

Jerry Baker
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