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[APD] Painted tank stand

JB: "It had to be painted because apparently everybody wants a stand with 
some sort of wood finish now, and no one makes a painted stand, nor will 
they paint it for you (unless you want black). I wanted white with grey 
flecks. I had to buy the air gun myself and learn how to paint with an air 
gun. Then I had to learn how to create a consistent speckle pattern using a 
spray gun design to apply paint evenly. :D"

I've yet to see an attractive wood stand, for some reason people seem to 
like pine plywood wood grain. Mahogany, teak and cherry would probably make 
attractive and durable finishes. I painted water-resistant MDF for my tank 
enclosure using external grade latex and a roller. After a few coats it 
creates a subtle orangepeel effect. Easy to touch up.


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