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Re: [APD] Goldfish, etc

On 10/31/05, gbooth at frii_com <gbooth at frii_com> wrote:
> everyone writes:
> > Goldfish, etc
> I was going to send APD to a friend as a reference for aquatic plants.
> Does anyone have a feel for when the Amateur Philosophy Digest will again
> revert to the Aquatic Plants Digest? Or have all the aquatic plant
> questions finally been answered once and for all?

 I keep waiting for it to evolve (note, not devolve as it did that about 200
messages ago) into bickering over whether it is right to think of algae as
an undesirable plant. Then I was going to accuse Tom Barr of being the
biggest serial murderer of all time. But ya can't trust a bunch of d*mn*d
altrusists to do *anything* right. :-D
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