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Re: [APD] Goldfish, etc.

Jerry Baker wrote:
> Bill D wrote:
>> Yes, giving to a charity that helps women "could be" an attempt to help
>> those who are close to me.  But it is not.
> I think Derek was saying that the reason a person gives to charity, or 
> otherwise acts altruistically, is to feel good.


Isn't that based on the Positive-Negative Gain Prisoner Scenario often 
quoted by Psychologists?

If 2 caught prisoners tell the truth then they both get less punishment. But 
if either of them shops the other first then the other prisoner gets more 
punishment and the other gets off scot-free. But the other prisoner and 
society feels bad towards him.

They say this is positive or negative gain acts and whilst everyone exhibits 
both traits, most of us are either more positive or more negative generally.

Therefore if a person in society is generous, he knows he'll get a positive 
gain as he will feel good and will make others feel good towards him. He can 
also amplify that gain by telling others of his act.

A negative gain act makes only that person feel good. He can't promote that 
act as it will make others feel less good about him.

A human is a social animal. It needs to be around others who like him.

Stuart Halliday
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