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Re: [APD] go fish...etc.

S. Hieber wrote:

> Once you finish with Descartes's short shrift of language and 
> the development of conceptual schemes in humans, and 
> Wittgenstein's critic in _Philosphical Investigations_, then 
> take a look at Quine's _The Roots of Reference_, and then 
> maybe back that up with _Word and Object_ or maybe _Web of 
> Belief_ if you want a shorter, less rigorous presentation. 
> There are lots of other books by notable analytical 
> philosophers that have addressed these issues in considerable 
> depth. For examplem if you favor an extensively rigorous 
> Platonist viewpoint, and don't mind struggling with the 
> symbolic logic, add George Bealer's _Quality and Concept_ to 
> the reading list.
> sh

How can any readings on language be complete without any Noam Chomsky.  

I must protest this thread!

Nicholas Wise
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