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Re: [APD] go fish...etc.

Once you finish with Descartes's short shrift of language
and the development of conceptual schemes in humans, and
Wittgenstein's critic in _Philosphical Investigations_,
then take a look at Quine's _The Roots of Reference_, and
then maybe back that up with _Word and Object_ or maybe
_Web of Belief_ if you want a shorter, less rigorous
presentation. There are lots of other books by notable
analytical philosophers that have addressed these issues in
considerable depth. For examplem if you favor an
extensively rigorous Platonist viewpoint, and don't mind
struggling with the symbolic logic, add George Bealer's
_Quality and Concept_ to the reading list.


--- Jerry Baker <jerry at bakerweb_biz> wrote:

> Marko Listserv wrote:
> > I'm not sure that you are addressing what is meant by
> "the capacity to use
> > language." In so far as the infant is of the species
> Homo sapiens, it has
> > the capacity.
> Now we are in the realm of a circular argument. You
> cannot have your 
> logical cake and eat it too. Either language is a
> characteristic of 
> being human, or being human implies linguistic ability,
> but you can't 
> have both.

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