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Re: [APD] Goldfish, etc.

There are some animals where only the alpha pair will reproduce and the rest
will provide for those offspring.  I can see the advantage to that

A human with perfectly great genes can decide to not reproduce.....and it's
not a technology driven decision necessarily.....there have been
celibate/non-reproducing classes of people for a long time.    I can see
where dropping out of the dna pool purposefully can be negative to the
species.  I don't think there is any biological - betterment of the
species - driver to making such a decision.

I would say that there are no longer any "betterment of the species" control
on human reproduction at this point anyway.  We don't cull humans or forbid
the reproduction of specimens deemed "inferior" (define inferior any way you


> In choosing not to breed, it is not clear that humans are putting aside
> their biological imperative, for if it's better for the group for some
> individuals not to breed, then that contributes to the species' biological
> imperative.
>    Marko Bucyk

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