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Re: [APD] Kelvin temp. or total wattage?

>I posted earlier about this. Maybe it was too long. I have been running
>130w (2x65) 10,000K/6700K 50-50 bulbs. I recently added an additional 130w
>(2x65) of 5500K. The crypts in the tank started pearling all over the
>place in less than 2 hours. What is more responsible for this, the
>additional wattage or the Kelvin temp. of the added bulbs?

How old were your original two 65 watt bulbs? Light output will degrade
over time, it's possible the new bulbs increased the light over your tank
by more than just what the wattages alone would seem to indicate.

Also, with a mix of 10000K and 6700K, you're getting a pretty blue-shifted
spectrum. It's possible your plants are just liking the boost in the red
part of the spectrum you're getting with the 5500K lights. It's true that
most plants are usually not very picky about color temperatures, but being
heavily weighted on one end of the useful spectrum can sometimes produce
unusual growth.


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