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Re: [APD] Goldfish, etc

>2 points to debate this one.
>First, we all have heard of or have seen a family dog put their lives on
>the line to protect their people.  

That may be explained by Group Altruism.

>So beyond that, wild dolphins helping people lost out at sea has happened
>as well.  That example gets rid of the relationship aspect.

That could be seen as experiment, reacting to a feeling of sympathy, or
Group Altruism.

>And surely I'm not only one who has had a friend's dog offer their bone to
>me and then sit back waiting for me to enjoy it.  I'm talking about actual
>food items here, not "chew toys" that the dog may want to play fetch with.

That may be explained by Group Altruism (in this case by the dog inviting
you into his circle).

>Second, the feeling of doing the right thing, helping out one's society,
>  helping a cause that could or would help someone close to you like a
wife, >daughter, sister, mother, etc. .. Even something as simple as peer
>-derek parr

Group Altruism.

  Marko Bucyk

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