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Re: [APD] goldfish...ect.

Who says teleological and anthropomorphic explanations have
gone with the wind ;-)

--- Vaughn Hopkins <hoppy1 at surewest_net> wrote:

> I have intentionally been staying out of this discussion,
> but here is 
> my two cents worth.   Most animals mistreat other
> animals, even killing 
> and eating them.  Humans are no different in that regard.
>  We farm some 
> animals to be killed and eaten, but ants also farm
> aphids.  We can be 
> altruistic, but so are bees and ants, as well as  herd
> animals.  We 
> truly are unique in our brain functioning and our ability
> to translate 
> our thoughts into complex building tasks.  Beyond that,
> biologically we 
> are just animals, and we share the vast majority of our
> DNA with all 
> other animals.  If I were religious I would believe we
> have souls, 
> which would be unique, but I am not.  Virtually
> everything we do has a 
> connection to our inherited traits, just as is so for
> other animals.  
> Our altruism is a reproductive advantage, not something
> we just dream 
> up because of our love of each other.  The real life form
> on our planet 
> is DNA, and we, along with all other animals, plants,
> insects, etc. are 
> just vehicles used by DNA to reproduce. (!!)  No aquarium
> is complete 
> without some Vals in it. (It is an aquatic plant interest
> group, you 
> know.)

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