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Re: [APD] Goldfish, etc.

I'm not argueing that everyone's experience with all dogs has been the 
same as my experience.  My experience has been both the same as what you 
guys describe here, and a more personal and familial relationship.  It 
appears to be dependent on how the dog owners treat their dogs.   Ya'll 
have heard how some people treat their dogs like they're people?   well, 
sometimes those dogs are smart enough to start acting like people.   I 
suggest a theory:  Perhaps when one creature expects 
communication/reaction from another creature in a specific way, they're 
only going to see and respond to communication/reaction in that fashion, 
therefore the other creature learns to only use those methods that work.

But anyway, this is a side arguement.  I was argueing the supposition 
that animals are incapable of altruism.  I thought the dolphin example I 
had also made, makes the finnicky details of the dog example irrelavent.

-derek parr

some dolphin links i googled:

Andrew McLeod wrote:

> On Sun, 30 Oct 2005 18:16:02 -0000, Bill D <billinet at comcast_net> wrote:
>>Dogs are pack animals.  As such they support the pack and its leader in
>>times of travail.  To pet dogs their human becomes the pack leader, but one
>>that they are always trying to depose, just like in wild packs.  I think
>>it's safe to say that most animal behaviorists would agree with that.
>>The only time that a dog ever placed anything in my lap or at my feet was
>>with the hope that I would pick it up and throw it so that he could retrieve
>>it.  And usually when I've tried to remove a bone from a dogs mouth, I've
>>been strongly threatened or worse.
> If a dog is properly trained, it knows better than to try to depose the leader... it becomes happy where it is. People who have badly behaved dogs are often simply allowing the dog to 'rule the roost'. And any dog of mine that tried to growl at me and bite me when I took something off it would learn that I am in charge, and not it... (without being violent or cruel, just being firm BTW)

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