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Re: [APD] Goldfish, etc.


Dogs are pack animals.  As such they support the pack and its leader in
times of travail.  To pet dogs their human becomes the pack leader, but one
that they are always trying to depose, just like in wild packs.  I think
it's safe to say that most animal behaviorists would agree with that.

The only time that a dog ever placed anything in my lap or at my feet was
with the hope that I would pick it up and throw it so that he could retrieve
it.  And usually when I've tried to remove a bone from a dogs mouth, I've
been strongly threatened or worse.

Yes, giving to a charity that helps women "could be" an attempt to help
those who are close to me.  But it is not.
It is my attempt to contribute to the cure of a dread disease.  If I were
moved to help those close to me to avoid that disease, I'd do much more than
write a check - I'd pester them to develop good habits which would increase
their odds of avoiding it, like I did with my mother's tobacco habit.

It is difficult - and damaging to one's understanding - to think that he
knows why a person does certain things.


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