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Re: [APD] Model Railroading and Aquatic Landscaping

You'll find once you search more deeply that there are a lot of articles 
on working with resins to make aquarium scenes and backgrounds. I've 
seen some literally stellar results using these techniques and it sure 
weighs a lot less. I'm not sure about railroad techniques, but I know 
there are a few different methods for the tank I have seen with no ill 
effects, more if were talking rift. Like resin, acrylic, concrete, and 
some other more fancy and to me unknown types of materials. Look for 
resins, but I also reccomend you try looking for things like articles on 
diy backgrounds, etc. I wish I still had all my links in LWA I'd just 
send you a zip of them but I did a clean and lost most of those 
articles. sorry.

Jerry Smith wrote:

>I saw recently that there are a few of us with Railroading interests as well 
>as plants. Last Spring I went to the New York Aquarium in Coney Island. I 
>was at the Baltimore Aquarium and the Barnes and Noble next door last 
>weekend. In both cases the displays of the Rift Lakes were really 
>impressive. At Coney Island I found out that the displays there are all 
>using Fiberglas or resin castings of rocks, not real rocks. I got the name 
>of the head of display construction at Baltimore but I haven't had a chance 
>to call him yet to ask how they make their displays. I searched a little on 
>Google but not very deeply. I haven't had a lot of time to do it more 
>But I wonder if the books I have on Model Railroading Scenery may apply. 
>Hard shell scenery using plaster techniques could be used if a plant and 
>fish safe resin were substituted for the plaster and the backing were all 
>removed. Has anyone ever thought of this technique for use in an aquarium? 
>Do you have any tips you would like to share?
>Jerry Smith, Bloomingdale, NJ
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