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Re: [APD] goldfish...ect.

S. Hieber wrote:
> The law and most conversation rarely deals with such
> abstract conceptually analyzed points -- it cuts the
> discourse short with the legislation or a ruling of
> judicial interpretation or religious tenet -- it's more the
> realm of discourse in academic philosophy departments.
> However, some of them are relevent and have been raised in
> certain popular ethical discourses concerning, for example,
> abortion of pregnancy in Homo sapiens: is being a human
> organism enough to grant all rights of personhood. An issue
> no less settled today for all its enduring controversy and
> examination.

Which is the point here. I didn't used to think the way I do now, but I 
had philosophy professor that changed that. He challenged the class, 
over the course of the semester, to come up with one good reason why 
other animals should be treated differently than humans. Inherent in 
that is the challenge to show some evidence that humans are somehow 
different in this context, and why that difference confers upon them the 
right not to be maimed, injured, or killed for the entertainment or 
enjoyment of another human. Not one person ever came up with one reason 
that withstood any scrutiny.

I am a victim of my own world view here. I have always believed in 
adjusting my beliefs and opinions whenever evidence requires. That class 
forced me to reevaluate some of my beliefs and assumptions about other 

Jerry Baker
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