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Re: [APD] O2 consumption by plants


Gylcolysis uses no O2. Krebs does.
See previous links for more info.

There is a mistake in the notes on that first link(as well as
several sites I looked at, which is disturbing because they are
from univeristies), fermentation is __NOT__ anaerobic
respiration (See section E).


 A common mistake but one that certainly should not be here at a
university level(students often make this, but there is no
excuse for universities to do so). Fermentation is substrate
level phosphorylation, there is no electron transport chain
involved which is the defining part of respiration
pathways(anaerobic or aerobic).

An exmaple of anaerobic respiration (without O2) are things like
Fe reducers, NO3, reducers, SO4 reducers and methanogens. They
use other electron acceptors other than O2 to carry out
anaerobic respiration. Fermentation possess no such terminal
electron acceptor and possesses not electron transport chain.  

It's weird because the notes say there is no electron transport
chain even(see near the end) with fermentation but they still
refer to it as anaerobic respiration. 

The O2 use and the energy produced etc is still all correct, but
ironically they do not understand what respiration truly is.

I found a few such Biology sites claiming that fermentation is
anaerobic respiration. It's not. It could be called anaerobic

This site distingushes the issue more clearly.


Tom Barr 


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