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Re: [APD] Goldfish, etc

2 points to debate this one.
First, we all have heard of or have seen a family dog put their lives on 
the line to protect their people.  Of course one could argue they're 
doing it to make sure they keep getting that dinner plate everyday.  But 
then that doesn't always make sense since many dogs have families of 
humans and the loss of one won't stop the food from coming.  ;]  So 
beyond that, wild dolphins helping people lost out at sea has happened 
as well.  That example gets rid of the relationship aspect.

And surely I'm not only one who has had a friend's dog offer their bone 
to me and then sit back waiting for me to enjoy it.  I'm talking about 
actual food items here, not "chew toys" that the dog may want to play 
fetch with.

Second, the feeling of doing the right thing, helping out one's society, 
  helping a cause that could or would help someone close to you like a 
wife, daughter, sister, mother, etc. .. Even something as simple as peer 

-derek parr

Bill D wrote:
> Perhaps the main difference between animals and human beings is that humans
> are capable of altruism and the animals are not.
> Some appear to come close but they are really just applying group survival
> instincts that have developed over  eons.   On those rare occasions when an
> animal appears do to something nice for another animal, there is always a
> reason, but when I make a donation to breast cancer research, there is no
> direct or indirect benefit to me.  (If I were acting for selfish reasons,
> I'd give to a charity that supported research into male diseases.)
> Why do people act this way?  Maybe God planted a seed?
> Bill
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