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Re: [APD] How to crush gravel?

Thanks again to all who responded. I think Charlie is right. It is going to 
take to much work to crush this gravel and it would cost to much to go to 
commercial outfits to try it. I just hate to throw it away. Carol, my 
youngest is 10 and oldest is 22. No grandchildren in sight yet.

This also makes me wonder what people do with such large sized gravel. In an 
aquarium I would think it would collect too much food and debris and cause 
problems. Some of the gravel is Seachem's Onyx gravel. Does it really have a 
use in growing Aquatic Plants? I bought it to use in a HOB plant filter. I 
did make one and found that the Spathophyllum rotted soon after being placed 
in it. Others have had success. Tom Barr being one of them. Maybe I didn't 
have enough light.

Jerry Smith Bloomingdale, NJ

>From: "Charlie" <Charlie_Shaw at SecureStat.com>
>Subject: Re: [APD] How to crush gravel?

>It seems to me that crushing this gravel may not be cost effective.

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