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Re: [APD] Doing things before you knew better

Jerry Smith wrote about using screened sand in a tank on a  windowsill.  
Isn't it amazing when you look back (on the relatively  primitive way the hobby 
was in the 50's and 60's)and remember the  successes?  In 1954  I bought a pair 
of bettas, put them in a 2 1/2  gallon tank with anacharis by a window, on a 
radiator to keep them  warm. (I was 14 yrs old)  They were fed dry Hartz 
Mountain tropical  fish food.  Because of all that wonderful care, they spawned.  
The  female helped the male pick up the eggs.  He didn't drive her away.   The 
fry hatched and I fed them liquifry for awhile.  I lost most of them,  but the 
ten or so fry that remained with the parents grew to a decent size  in the 2 
1/2 with the parents.  I traded them to a LFS for an incandescent  light 
fixture.  In case some of you think this is off topic, I did mention  anacharis.  he 
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