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[APD] goldfish...ect.

Jerry, children can communicate from the time they can
open their eyes if not before. There has also been
several studies regarding infants recognising complex
numbers/patterns in ways that most people only wish
they could (imagine looking at a field of dots w/ half
being red and half being black and instantly
recognising how many their were of each). Besides, any
Mom knows her baby can recognise her very sent and
voice and the baby will turn its head toward her even
if she is out of sight and not making a sound, and Mom
can tell from another room what her babies cry means
(wet, hungry, pain, tired, frustrated ect.)... so how
is that not communicating? I personally think children
begin to learn communication skills in the womb... I
know my sons developed particular likes and dislikes
of certain people in their last 2 months, I could not
be around my Uncle Steve (a loud and somewhat brash
person) because even BEFORE he began to talk my
children would turn onto soccer players/torture
experts... yet if I left the room it would stop
everytime. This behavior was consistant enough for me
to remark to my Dr. about it and her take was that
children begin to listen carefully to audible cues and
cues their mother's body gives (heartrate increases
ect.) while still in the womb, this communication (her
word not mine) is a survival skill that has remained
strong throughout human development.

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