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[APD] Plants pearling for 3 days straight

I've been working constantly for awhile now at maintaining proper nutrient
levels in my tank. It's a 55g tank with 260 w PC hood (4x65). I had just put
2 new 6700k/10000k 50-50 bulbs in the front row of the hood about 4 months
ago and not running the back row at all since even prior to this bulb
change. I stopped using the back row of lights because I thought 260w was
excessive and causing my algae problems. Over time the algae problem was
under control and I attributed that to the decrease in lighting, though I
now realize it was not what solved the problem, but I had not considered
turning the back row on again to improve the plants health. I have been
focused on the nutrient levels, and due to the recent bulb change, not
really considering the light as a possible culprit in slow growth and
mediocre appearance of the plants. The nutrient levels have all been within
desired range for several weeks with no noticeable improvement in growth or
overall visual health. I just 3 days ago decided I would try putting in an
old pair of 5500k bulbs that I had used in the beginning of becoming a plant
man about 2.5yrs. ago. These bulbs were replaced after about a year but I
did not throw them away.  So anyway, I put them in the back row and turned
them on with the existing bulbs in the front row and within 2 hours the
crypts were pearling away ( a sight I have not seen except when I first set
up my 29g which pearled sporadic and brief and then not at all and I did'nt
even know it was called pearling, just that it was really neat). My question
is are the plants responding primarily to the additional wattage of the back
row, or to the 5500k spectrum of the bulbs that I put in? If it is the
spectrum where do I get more 5500k PCs? These I have are Custom Sea Life
which is no longer in business and I have not been able to locate an
alternative manufacturer. If it is the additional wattage the plants like,
should I use 6700k? 6700/10000k? _____k? I'm so excited to see these bubbles
with just the addtion of some old bulbs. =) Thank you for your time. Chas.

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