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Re: [APD] The hobby these days

googd point but i still think search engines are total crap. half of whats returned even when using correct terms and syntax is ads, half of that is no longer available even cached, and whats left after that if anything is conflicting. You practically have to know the answer before you search thus making the search irrelevant to conduct.
the answers are easy to find, its find the right answers that wont blow anything up or melt anything down that arent easy to find. hence lists and forums. Groups should be like interests but have an awful tendancy to be elitist like the three guys from High Fidelity they just think everyone else is below them and it comes across strong. thus rendering the list, most likely created to help, irrelevant... at least to its intended goal.
theres a nickel keep the change

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Mostly newbies just post really basic questions that a 9 year old could find 
in 30secs on Google.
Of course sometimes I think they post daft questions just to talk to other 
like minded people. :-)

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